The Story of Partnerships Meetup

The idea of Partnerships Meetup started that simple with Hanna Waldenmaier, Bernhard Friedrichs and Martin Scholz.

– “Hey, let’s organize a meetup for partnerships people.”

– “Sounds great. There are many meetups, but nothing really partnerships-focused. I think that is really missing.”

– “Yes, from partnerships professionals for partnerships professionals.”

– “Sounds great. Let’s do the first Partnerships Meetups in Berlin and see how it goes.”

– “OK, let’s do it. We can do the first one in our office.”


At the End of 2023, and lots of meetups later with tons of new friends, guest speakers and connections made.

– “Hey, people come from all over the place with long travels. I think we should expand in 2024 to other cities.”

– “Ok, let’s do it.”

And here we are planning new Partnerships Meetups in different countries with local Meetup Captains and partners.

Hanna Waldemaier

Bernhard Friedrichs

Martin Scholz